Keywords are still a ruling priority for SEO in 2016

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Goodbye 2015 and the 2016 celebrations are knocking at our doorsteps. As always New Year means there should be something new and let’s have a prior thinking in terms of SEO strategies. As has been the same all through the years, the focus would never leave Keywords and Keyword research as that’s the primary place from where all online searches begin. All these years we have been quite sure that keywords play a very pivotal role in Search Engine Optimization. Nothing much has changed over the past year and to some extent, this is still true as of today.

The fundamentals of SEO remains the same and our prospects still would use words and phrases and we would continue to research on keywords and phrases which will lead our probable customers to our business and products. There are many different ways keyword research can be done and that too very effectively. Our start point would be to use keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, SEMrush and Search metrics Keyword Analysis tools to find out the popular keywords and phrases that are not too hyper competitive but can still attract the right customers traffic to a business website.
Another strategic and useful area would be analyzing our website analytic to find out which all keywords are already generating traffic and sales to your business or your clients business. This data can be very well used to find new and related keywords and also work out additional content strategies around the new keywords.

Looking at your competitor’s website and their top ranking pages is a very valuable source to find out which keywords your competitors are targeting and there by change your own keywords strategies accordingly.

A greater focus has to be given to long-tail keywords as natural language search becomes more popular and pervasive. Our online prospects think more on a general search language and it is not narrowed down to just one keyword search. Hence priority has to be given on more than one phrased keywords and all our keyword research should be based on this strategy.

All these strategies can be very effective at finding out the right and relevant keywords but there has been a shift in the way these keywords are actually used in achieving high rankings. Google has become more sophisticated and it surely is focusing more on analyzing the intent of the online prospect. While doing keywords research it’s important to find out relevant topics and themes to create content around them instead of just focusing on one single keywords and incorporate it in our articles and posts. The focus should be to be to find out about your audience and their requirements and if our keywords which will drive the audience to our content in a way that it satisfies their needs and interests.

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